Composition Roof

Durable and long lasting Composition Shingles

Composition roofs bring a wonderful amount of durability and quality to the conventional asphalt roof shingle. It is relatively new to the roofing industry but does not lack and has major strong points. There most strongest point is that they are impact resistant, especially to hail.

An overview of what the composition roof is and how it can be beneficial to you

Composition Shingles are made of fiber glass, which is coated in weather resistant asphalt. They are most popular for their durability and price.

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If you want your home to stand out from all the others while being protected, Composition Shingles is the way to go.

There is one disadvantage to having a composition shingle roof and that is over a period of time algae can begin to grow underneath of your roof. Of course for a higher price you can get the anti-algae coated shingles. To make the shingles anti-algae the manufacturer coats the shingle in copper and zinc which completely discourages the growth of algae.

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