Types of sunroom glazing

Available options for glazing sunrooms are roughly divided into 2 groups: warm and cold.

Warm glazing

With warm glazing heat remains inside the room, cold glazing, rather, serves as a decor, creating protection from precipitation, street dust, without adding sunroom heat insulation and comfort. In summer, the air temperature of the sunroom pay little attention, with the arrival of winter, the option of cold glazing will not create a significant temperature difference between the window and the sunroom. This does not suit everybody, so first of all you should think about how you will use the sunroom from this, you should choose the glazing. Examples are on this site.

These two groups can be divided into several subgroups by species:

  • traditional (classical) glazing;
  • french glazing (French balcony);
  • installation of metal-plastic structures.

The first type of glazing – veranda type – the window, the supporting wall or parapet under it. With this option, the window frame is mounted on a steel fence, which is almost all sunrooms. Before assembling the window must perform all the work on the outside finishing. An important aspect in the installation of such glazing: it is necessary to conscientiously fill all the available openings so that the steel fence did not become a conductor of cold air into the room.

French balcony

The second view – windows on the floor. It is made to remove the wall or parapet under the window, the glass is attached to the floor and ceiling. With such glazing will need to agree on the project, because you actually change the facade of the house.

The third option – a more qualitative, reliable type of glazing. When installing metal-plastic windows (if the allowable load on the concrete slab) is achieved additional heat and noise insulation. Moreover, you can insulate the room and use it as a full-fledged living room, the temperature in which will not differ from the temperature of the rest of the apartment, provided waterproofing and insulation of all existing walls, as well as the floor, ceiling, heating (underfloor heating, electric heating devices, removal of the main heating). With these options, the warmth and comfort of the sunroom are provided to you.

Approaching the glazing responsibly, you should also think about the ways that will open the windows. There are three main systems:

  • sliding;
  • swinging;
  • with no frames.

A sliding system for opening windows.

Options for glazing the sunroom with a sliding system is used when installing frames made of aluminum profiles with a single glass or glass unit. In this version, sliding frames save usable space on the sunrooms during the opening of the window but do not provide sufficient tightness. Accordingly, heat and sound insulation will not be at the highest level.

Swing opening is more usual: metal-plastic windows open while having several modes of ventilation. When glazing sunroom space should take into account the load created by the structure. Due to the weight of fittings, metal-plastic windows with swing opening system sashes heavier than aluminum or wooden structures with a similar opening system.

Frameless glazing sunroom opens up a panoramic view, which is suitable for houses located in picturesque surroundings. Despite its cost, this type of glazing overshadows the traditional use of window frames – this option is preferred by more and more people.

Roof Systems for Rooftop

By retractable rooftop, we mean the roofing framework which is intended to move the rooftop back on track. Through this retractable unit, the office inside can be inserted back to outdoors. The concept recently got evolution and alluded again as rooftops that are operable and retractable with the windows facing the sky.

The window facing sky is quite comparable to a bayside window that opens up on a pivot opposite to a track.

Why retractable rooftops?

These are mostly utilized as significant living arrangement parts, bars, eateries, swim focuses and various other offices while wishing to offer outdoor involvement with just a push of a catch. While any shape can be conceivable, regular shapes are edges, levels, arch, barrel, and hip-edge.

A habitation can fuse at a minimum of 3’ by 5’ retractables; an eatery or bar or a retractable rooftop that measures for around 20’ by 30’; and also meeting corridor 50’ by 100’ over-stationary.

Crystalia sliding rooftops

Retractable roof sliding rooftop products from Crystalia Sliding Glass Roof are the most innovative enclosures with an aesthetic visual appeal and lovely features such as an exclusive system which is watertight, aluminum structure, manual and motorized systems for opening, and better chances of adding wind and rain sensors for opening and closing the automatic rooftop.

Furthermore, retractable rooftops from Crystalia glass are compatible with a lot of insulated and non-insulted sliding glass wall systems that offer a great enclosure structure that is a best possible structure for enclosure and complies well with the requirements of almost everyone.

Retractable modern roofs and skylights from Crystalia are among the best possible solutions for modern design for certain areas around your structures such as restaurants, swimming pools, lounge-room, sunroom, terrace, etc. Unique horizontal glazing can transmit a lot of natural light for creating freedom of feeling with the same space.


Some unique features that you get with these systems are:

  • Motorized function for opening
  • Sensors for rain and wind
  • These are totally waterproof
  • Durable and can resist impact
  • Installation and custom fabrication
  • Stainless steel parts and high-grade aluminum
  • More than 120 standard color frames

Benefits with Crystalia retractable roofs

Retractable roof structures for Crystalia are ideally airtight and watertight and these also offer a higher insulation degree against different elements for ensuring the use of optimum energy. All these glass roof systems that are available are lightweight and high-quality profiles. Useful information here

Irrespective of the specifications of the structure, retractable roofs from Crystalia Glass go well will almost any space. The area manufactures custom-made roofs that consist of a modular and adaptable structure for aluminum.

Talking about roofing structures that work well with such concepts, you can find many options and designs that are open for the structure and owner. Technical information here

Lengthy traditional style roofs are present that people would normally get in homes. Also, there are a whole lot of designs utilizing dome-shaped structures in case you’ve got to cover more of the circular areas. All these designs are retractable efficiently.

A lot of house owners are quickly beginning to realize the fact that retractable rooftop structures from Crystalia Glass are ideal spots for mounting lights and other decorative essentials. People know that a lot of other people would love visiting such areas at evenings or nights so with such equipment you can easily illuminate such area. https://crystaliaglass.com/a-fresh-look-at-medieval-classical-pergola/

You need to know the fact that with careful selection of a lighting color scheme for the arrangement you get perfect effects for enclosed outdoor areas.

Crystalia Glass specializes in engineering and fine designing of such unique roofing structures. After selecting a company that specializes in such type of products, you know that you’ll simply grab a great deal. Most of these firms are having great websites with a lot of pictures with handy works. You shouldn’t be afraid of browsing around most of these if you’re thinking of having such a structure. So, till now you must be quite familiarized with retractable roofs available by Crystalia Glass and the different ways through which they can add on beauty to any structure. Whether you’re looking for picturesque outdoors or lovely indoor structures, these make it possible for you to acquire a modern and elegant look with the unique functionality of a wooden structure. Make sure to consult Crystalia Glass to see more such projects and you can select from many options in the inventory. These retractable roofs are functional at almost anywhere and at any given time. https://crystaliaglass.com/sunrooms-and-their-myriad-of-advantages/

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